PTR - V1.30.001

V1.30.001 - PTR Patch Notes

- Level Cap Increased to 70!!!
- Redesigned User Interface
- Movable windows
- Multiple Resolution Support
- Removed +1 to +5 random item upgrades
- Removed item drop cooldowns
- Updated Chat System
- Loot Crates with Quick Loot

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a number of exploits
- Removed extra XP bonus when killing mob.

New Content:
- Roheli Quests!
- New Mainland Phase 1: Vrythan Island and Darkwood

Known Issues:
- Town chat does not function
- Bag UIs do not re-open after relogging
- UI Bug with bags sometimes causes client to crash
- Video bug when going windowed mode from fullscreen

Coming Next:
- Add loot to Vrythan Mobs
- Fill out all shops in Vrythan towns
- Add Quests to Vrythan
- Add mobs, quests, shops and loot to Darkwood
- ZONE: Ubdi Desert (Level 70-80)
- Ship Travel Points
- Distribute AC items through all shops.
- Enable AC Purchase from Website
- Grant Backer AC Perks
- Grant Backer Title Perks
- Grant Backer Bag of Tricks
- Revamped Criminal and Alignment System
- Spawn Point Wards (replacing guards)
- Spells
- Ranged Weapons
- Crafting
- Boss Encounters
- Endgame Items
- Mail Boxes
- Shop Buyback


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