Coffee session #1
Thanks for first coffee.. Here some updates: 1. Asked Lothgar about json support which i wait so i could import data without updating and identifying each object. Currently no answer. If you will have second, ask lothgar when JSON data export will be ready for ;) 2. Facebook login fixed. 3. Market left side removed.
Official discord channel
Join discord channel of Lothgar Online.
V1.30.001 - PTR Patch Notes Features: - Level Cap Increased to 70!!! - Redesigned User Interface - Movable windows - Multiple Resolution Support - Removed +1 to +5 random item upgrades - Removed item drop cooldowns - Updated Chat System - Loot Crates with Quick Loot Bug Fixes: - Fixed a number of exploits - Removed extra XP bonus when killing mob. New Content: - Roheli Quests! - New Mainland Phase 1: Vrythan Island and Darkwood Known Issues: - Town chat does not function - Bag UIs do not re-open after relogging - UI Bug with bags sometimes causes client to crash - Video bug when going windowed mode from fullscreen Coming Next: - Add loot to Vrythan Mobs - Fill out all shops in Vrythan towns - Add Quests to Vrythan - Add mobs, quests, shops and loot to Darkwood - ZONE: Ubdi Desert (Level 70-80) - Ship Travel Points - Distribute AC items through all shops. - Enable AC Purchase from Website - Grant Backer AC Perks - Grant Backer Title Perks - Grant Backer Bag of Tricks - Revamped Criminal and Alignment System - Spawn Point Wards (replacing guards) - Spells - Ranged Weapons - Crafting - Boss Encounters - Endgame Items - Mail Boxes - Shop Buyback
LoWiki Updated - V1.20.010
Hey all, Lufix here.. I took the time to update almost everything when the PTR had broken drop rates right before this patch was released. I deleted outdated content and added/fixed everything I could for current drop tables. Just waiting on lothgar for some export data for some other info to add. Please put comments on the item/monsters here if anything is incorrect or missing. Also you can email me at with any extra information for requested changes. Lastly please spread the word that this is updated, when people ask about drops in global just send them here because currently it is 99% accurate.
Facebook chatbot
Finally facebook chatbot is done. You can test it by sending message to out facebook private. Automatically will start answering ( queries our database for your request ). Currently can query for weapons / armors / items and monsters. Direct link to our chatbot:
PvP changes are coming
Few weeks ago Lothgar wrote long sad post about his work on LO and Elderlands. Main idea of post is that community is not growing and main reason is PvP. That means only one - PKers gona have bad time... You can read whole post here:
Lowered requirements
Main change for the update was armors requirements reduction and identification display proper information about items requirements. Other things noticed: * Inspecting people now shows +1 - +5 near items if it has one. * Monsters got a bit more percentage to drop items * Some people talk about exp table changes * Weapons requirements change * Cons health regeneration change ( starting from 15, not from 10 as it was before ) * Shops now show quality item stats. * Fixed a variety of client crashes.
Armors req removed and added back
So in recent two patches GMs first removed armors requirements and in last added them back. With this exp tables decreased. So now you will be higher level than you were before. Also all players got Orbs reset, which is nice you were testing them and disappointed with Intelligent or Dexterity. Now you have chance to make it right... Other notices from players: * New quest on noob island - "Into the depths." ( in town Forgehelm ) * Hp regeneration speed decreased ( this need confirmation ) Any other findings? Comment below
First lottery is over
Locke organised first in game LO lottery with 1k buyin per ticket. Topic about the lottery can be found here: Winner is Vegeta. Grats
Filters everwhere
Added filters for most items up there. Fitlers for: Weapons Armors Items Monsters
Editors are welcome
As you can understand there are a lot information to edit. And after each patch various parameters are changing so its hard to do for one guy. Solution was to create editors level for users. And here are first editors: Locke, Acry and Lufix We need various information for site: * Drop percentages * Drop list for monsters * Images for items / monsters ( gifs ) And so on... If you want to help us, let us know Contacts. P.S. Other updates: * Comments section under weapons / monsters / armors / items / articles / news * Market place * News section for title page * Ability to enter username in Options
Most sections are ready
Pretty a lot of information to fill. But still the information is outdated, but anyways... Updates was made: * Filled weapons, armors, monsters, other items with outdated information * Filtering weapons, armors by category * Maps section * Articles section * Market section * Ability to add comments to weapons, monsters, armors, other items, market, articles
Site launch
We have decided to create the wiki, because of several pros: 1) Simplified; 2) Performance 3) Proper interlinking 4) And there are other possibilities. If you have any suggestion write on LO official forums: